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Todays menu of freshly made food, snacks & beverages can be bought directly from the cafe area in our playroom.


Children's Breakfast Plate

Toast or Crumpet served with a selection of Yoghurt, Raisins & Fruit Salad



With a choice of Peanut Butter, Jam, Marmalade, Nutella, Marmite


Childrens Fruit Salad

A mix of Berries, Grapes and Chocolate Buttons


Yogurt Bowl

With Honey, Fruit and Chocolate Buttons


Granola Bowl

With Yogurt, Honey & Fruit


Avocado on Toast

With Pickled Pink Onions


Beans on Toast

With Grated Cheese



Children's Lunch Plate

Ham & Cheese Picky Bits served with Bread and butter, Hummus, Cucumber Sticks, Fruit & Mini Cheddars


Ham Salad Sandwich

Ham, Lettice, cucumber, tomato in thick cut Bread, served with Crisps


Tuna Mayo Sandwich

Served in thick cut Bread with Crisps


Cheese & Pickle

Served in thick cut Bread with Crisps


DIY Sandwich

Build your own from the sandwich ingredients above, served with Crisps



Make your own. A choice of Cheese, Ham, Onion, tomato served with Crisps


Jacket Potato

A choice of Cheese, Beans, Tuna Mayo


Beans on Toast

With Grated Cheese


Coffee & Drinks

Hot Drinks

Americano - £2.70

Latte - £2.95

Cappuccino - £3.10

Tea - £2.50

Herbal Tea - £2.50

Hot Chocolate - £2.95

Hot Chocolate with 

cream and marshmellows - £3.50

Syrup - £0.70

Cold Drinks

Still Water - £1.30

Cans (on display) - £1.30

Kids Drinks (on display) - £1.20


Mixed Berry, Tropical



We have a selection of Snacks on the counter within the playroom

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